AN ENTREPENEUR has converted a horse box trailer into Cumbria's first wood-fired sauna.

The sauna opened in January and is now welcoming visitors from its base in Fell Foot Park on the shores of Windermere.

The facility provides visitors with some Finnish-inspired relaxation, set against a mesmerising backdrop in the heart of the Lake District.

The venture, known as 'Laal Sauna', is a result of the efforts of the owner Debbie Noble.

The sauna is an authentic 'Loyly' experience — the Finnish concept which creates a hot, humid paradise after water evaporates on special 'kiuas' stoves.

In Cumbria: Inside of the sauna.Inside of the sauna. (Image: Debbie Noble)

The project was warmly received after securing funding from the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce and Befund, a body dedicated to supporting new enterprises in the North.

The National Trust has also given the go-ahead to the facility, adding a new way for visitors to enjoy the picturesque, protected environment.

After having endeavoured to find the perfect setting for her 'Loyly' retreat, Debbie took on the challenge of restoring a 1950s vintage horse box trailer.

She hopes that bringing it to the area will give people a unique sauna experience.

In Cumbria: Visitors inside the sauna.Visitors inside the sauna. (Image: Debbie Noble)

The many health benefits of saunas, and the ever-growing popularity of cold-water immersion therapy gives Laal Sauna a unique appeal, and Debbie spotted an opportunity to bring this to the area — all while she'd been receiving treatment for breast cancer.

From sourcing local timber to using wool from a local maker for insulation, La’al Sauna will keep its patrons warm using homegrown materials. Visitors can then indulge in a spot of cold water therapy by taking a dip in Windermere.

The business is Debbie's second proud Cumbrian venture as she already runs Lakesack — creating one off, unique bags made using recycled lorry tarpaulins.

Both businesses are driven by sustainability and local materials, a value which Debbie is extremely proud of.

In Cumbria: People swimming in Lake Windermere.People swimming in Lake Windermere. (Image: Debbie Noble)

She said: "I noticed the boom in popularity of mobile saunas after spotting one on social media, and the inspiration for La’al Sauna stemmed from there.

"I grew up in Windermere so being able to place it on the shoreline there meant a lot to me personally.

"I was overjoyed to receive backing from the National Trust as giving people new ways to enjoy our stunning landscape here in Cumbria has never been more important.

"I’m embracing the Cumbrian attitude of 'whatever the weather' with La’al Sauna, and look forward to meeting people from the local and wider community.”

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