MEET the drone enthusiast who has been both assisting police in missing person cases and also helping people save money when it comes to the energy efficiency of their homes. 

Carlisle's Mark Charters was a former manager at Royal Mail but upon retiring, he decided to turn his hobby into a business.

Mark, who runs local franchise of The Skycam, offers his service to anyone who's looking for unique shots of their home, crop surveys, property viewings as well as a roof survey service - with the benefit of a thermal drone, he is able to fly above your house and show homeowners where they are loosing heat and where best to insulate. 

In Cumbria: Footage overlooking Bitts Park and Carlisle CastleFootage overlooking Bitts Park and Carlisle Castle (Image: MarkCharters/TheSkycam)

But it's not just a business for Mark, as he also volunteers as a qualified search technician with the charity North Cumbria Rescue and Response (NCRR). 

His work with the NCRR has seen the drones fly to the aid of police in missing person cases.

In Cumbria: Shot of Carlisle Rugby ClubShot of Carlisle Rugby Club (Image: MarkCharters/TheSkycam)

"The NCRR were set up just after the last floods in Carlisle. The police have started to use us on about six or seven searches. They know if they want specialist search teams they can call us out. It's usually for people they can't locate after a few days. 

"With drone footage you can search a lot more, I can run it down the river and if anything comes to light, it saves you putting a team down there and running further risk," he said. 

In Cumbria: MarkCharters/TheSkycamMarkCharters/TheSkycam (Image: MarkCharters/TheSkycam)

Mark most recently assisted in the search for the missing 82-year-old from Denton Holme, whose body was recovered from the river Eden in the Sheepmount area of Carlisle on September 4.

In his spare time, the CAA-qualified pilot who has a fleet of four drones, also gets great joy out of sharing his aerial views in and around Carlisle with the public.  

In Cumbria: Shot over Sheepmount Athletics Stadium.Shot over Sheepmount Athletics Stadium. (Image: MarkCharters/TheSkycam)

"What I'm trying to do is look at unusual views of Carlisle. You can go on Historic England and see aerial pictures from 60 years ago, I've tried to replicate the exact view nowadays to see how the city has changed in that time. 

In Cumbria: Birds-eye view over Carlisle Rail StationBirds-eye view over Carlisle Rail Station (Image: MarkCharters/TheSkycam)

"I mean look at the Sands Centre now, Hardwicke Circus, London Road - everything changes in time, I'm really interested in that. 

"Because I enjoy doing it, it doesn't feel like work. That's part of the job, when you see people's responses to the footage, it's always nice - it's a business but its still boys with their toys," he said. 

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