When it comes to finding love, couples are more likely to meet at work than by any other means. 

A recent Total Jobs survey found that 22% of partners got together through their jobs. 

But what happens if such relationships start to interfere with work? What can HR managers do to avoid potential issues such as breaches of confidentiality, conflicts of interest or fallout from a break-up?

A spokesperson said: "Conflicts of interests and confidentiality issues can arise – with secrets meant strictly for the boardroom shared in the bedroom.

"Similarly, colleagues might make complaints of preferential treatment, especially in situations where one half of the couple is in a more senior role than the other.

"To deal with such sensitive matters of the heart, UK employers need to take a softer approach.

"They may, for example, want to draft a policy requiring employees to at least disclose any relationships so that steps can be taken to remove any possible issues, such as changing reporting structures."