AFTER two years of perseverance, a daughter has finally been able to pay tribute to her late father and stalwart of the community by erecting a plaque next to the spot he stood for fifty years. 

Since 2020, Moira Czuczman has been trying to commemorate the 'most kindest, caring and most loyal person' James Hardman, also known as Mr Market - who ran Margaret's Jewellery in Carlisle's Market Hall ever since 1970. 

"In 2020, we thought it would be so nice to erect a plaque in the hall next to where my dad gave 50 years of service. Through a fight and lots of paperwork, I finally got planning permission to erect this plaque in memory of the kindest, caring and most loyal person anyone could ever wish to meet. My husband David and I are so proud," Moira said. 

In Cumbria: Plaque prior to being erected. Plaque prior to being erected. (Image: Supplied)

Moira, who continues to run the store with the help of Joanne Neile, said her father has been an 'immense miss' ever since he passed in 2020. 

"My dad lived in Harrington when he met my mum, he always told us how he would miss the last bus home just for one last kiss, he was so in love. He would have to walk the five and a half miles home but always said it was worth it. 

"My mum and dad always often visited Carlisle's Market as a young couple and thought it would be wonderful to have their own stall. It took nine and half years before they were offered a stall but in 1970, Margaret's Jewellery was born," she said. 

Moira, who left school a day early to join the family business, said Mr Market was renowned for his 'friendliness'. 

"In those days, all the factory girls used to come on a Friday afternoon and buy jewellery for the dancing - we became well known for our service and friendliness" she said. 

The plaque was erected on January 14 and has already brought back some tearful memories for passersby. 

In Cumbria: Moira and her husband David over the moon to have plaque up. Moira and her husband David over the moon to have plaque up. (Image: Supplied)

"Two people have been in this morning looking at it, one woman was crying, she said 'I'll never forget your dad's kindness towards me'.

"Even now after two years without my dad, I still get customers from long ago still asking for him. This makes me so proud, more than anyone will ever know. 

"I'd sincerely like to thank all the customers and love shown to me by our customers for the endless love shown to me during losing my dad. The plaque would make my dad so proud, but not as proud as I am of him," she said. 

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