AN INTERNATIONALLY successful financial planning podcast is back for the new year with a one-off special.

The Financial Freedom Podcast, produced by Carlisle-based Rachael Bell Wealth Management, helps listeners make informed choices on investment planning, retirement planning and money management.

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The podcast's first season was listened to in India, Australia, Canada, the United States and South Africa.

With a follow-up season planned for 2023, the team wanted to keep listeners engaged with a New Year special.

Practice principal Rachael Bell said: "The success of our first season was amazing. We try to make financial advice as accessible as possible and answer many of the most common questions people have.

"We hope the podcast has tackled some of the barriers and fears that many people have when it comes to discussing finances and working with a financial adviser.

"Our New Year special looks at the 12 months ahead as we prepare to navigate uncertain times and continue to grapple with volatile markets. Our key message for 2023 is around taking control; we urge people to take control of their finances and offer some advice on how best to do so."

The podcast covers the following areas:

Planning your financial future: listeners are encouraged to consider the present and understand how financial decisions they make today can impact future prosperity and financial freedom. The team share advice on areas you need to consider.

Financial resilience: the team discuss what resilience means to different people in a financial context and how they can achieve it in the year ahead.

Retirement: the team explore how much you need to enjoy a comfortable retirement - and why engaging with a financial adviser sooner rather than later is a crucial element of enjoying life after work.

Pensions: in the context of a tumultuous two years in financial markets, the team consider how pensions have been affected. There's advice linked to human nature and the urge to take control in a crisis.

Intergenerational planning: with many families having three, four, or five living generations, the dynamics of estate planning, tax efficiency and ensuring everyone is looked after are considered with practical advice and tips.

The podcast is available now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon and Blubrry.