When Holly Moxon decided university was not for her it was far from the end of her legal ambitions.

Holly originally signed up to study law at the University of Liverpool along with 300 other students.

However, she eventually left university and spotted an opening for an 18-month apprenticeship in business administration at Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors.

During the apprenticeship, Holly impressed with her positive attitude and enthusiasm to find out more about the legal profession. She made it clear it was her intention to pursue a career in law and to work towards becoming a qualified solicitor.

As a direct result Cartmell Shepherd created the opportunity for Holly to qualify as a solicitor via a new legal apprenticeship route. This was the first time that Cartmell Shepherd had employed a solicitor apprentice but due to Holly’s drive and commitment she has excelled within this apprenticeship scheme.

Holly is currently four years into a six-year solicitors’ apprenticeship and her enthusiasm and hard work shows she will be a great fit for the profession.

She is a real team player and has shown great initiative, is quick to learn and quietly gets on with her work. She puts client care at the heart of everything she does.

Holly has been very keen to inspire other young people to consider apprenticeships and has presented a series of informative talks about her role at local schools and Carlisle Young Ambassadors events.

The in-Cumbria judges said: “This young lady stood out from the crowd and came across as being very professional and mature beyond her years. She has excelled in her studies with determination to succeed in all examinations.

“She is a trailblazer in championing a new professional apprenticeship and has prepared and delivered presentations on her apprenticeship in schools throughout our area, to Carlisle Young Ambassadors and to other business organisations. She has a very strong work ethic and as well as her day job and studies she has had evening and weekend work in shops and restaurants.”

After receiving her award, Holly said: “I am one of the first if not the first to do the solicitor apprenticeship. I have achieved first class marks in all my exams which I am very proud of while doing a full-time job. It’s been amazing. It seemed to be the right time, right place and right firm. It’s been great so far. Thanks so much to Cartmells.”

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