It’s a well-known fact that when driving you must be very cautious to make sure you’re not breaking any laws or regulations, so you don’t risk fines or gaining points.

But in recent years many have forgotten about the small errors that could end you up in trouble.  

Experts at GoShorty have created a handy list of all the penalties that may cause you to gain points on your licence. 

The offences range from driving with a broken brake light, splashing pedestrians and even using your phone for payments at drive-throughs.  

Although points expire after three years it doesn’t mean that the offence will be erased from your driving record in the same amount of time, which could take 11 years.

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Director of GoShorty, Andy Moody said: “Getting 12 points on your driving licence in less than three years could get you disqualified from driving.

“On top of that, getting points on your licence will also result in the increase of your insurance policy, as your insurance provider will want to be informed about all your motoring convictions in the past three years (five in some cases).”

Shocking offences that could give you points on your drivers licence

Whether you think you know all the offences or need refreshing, it's best to check the list so you don’t get caught out.

  • Sleeping inside your vehicle: up to 10 points
  • Using your mobile phone for payments at a drive-through: up to 6 points 
  • Using your mobile phone while supervising a learner driver from the passenger seat: up to 6 points
  • Splashing pedestrians: up to 3 points (and a fine of up to £5,000!)
  • Driving with a broken brake light: up to 3 points

Offences that will give you the most points on your licence

  • Driving with alcohol or drug level above limit: up to 11 
  • Causing death or injury driving while disqualified, unlicensed or uninsured: up to 11 points
  • Causing death by careless driving: up to 11 points
  • Culpable homicide while driving: up to 11 points
  • Dangerous driving: up to 11 points
  • Motor racing on the highway: up to 11 points
  • Failing to stop after an accident: up to 10 points
  • Careless and inconsiderate driving: up to 9 points
  • If your vehicle is uninsured against third-party risks: up to 8 points