ALL going to plan, a multi-million pound leisure development hopes to arrive in Carlisle in time for Christmas next year.  

A planning application has gone in to Carlisle City Council to convert part of the Lowther Street Cark Park into STACK Carlisle – an entertainment, food and drink venue.

If successful, it will see the creation of a container village made up of around 50 shipping containers with a retractable glass roof which will house five bars, 10 street food outlets, a central plaza with a balcony and a stage area for live music - and the applicants say it will create around 160 jobs.

Neill Winch, CEO of Danieli Group, said if the planning and premise licence is successful, the company "won't hang about", they want to get in there and get started.

"In Newcastle, STACK was built in an end of town which was very unused, it has since been brought back to life. It changed how the city moved, it moved more towards where we were. The businesses in and around it benefitted massively, they became busy as a spin-off from what we're doing.

"STACK Seaburn, is very similar. Lots of smaller businesses up and down the front opened, I can't say just because we're there but, we've made a massive difference to the footfall in that area.

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"It'll stop a leakage out of Carlisle, and if we keep people spending in the city, it benefits everyone," he said. 

Entertainment is definitely at the forefront of the business model, with Mr Winch saying that it's easy for STACK to spend between £20,000 to £30,000 a month on entertainment for its patrons - also offering a space for local bands to be showcased. 

"We're very good at getting people to come to the venue and creating an amazing atmosphere with great entertainment be that live music, quiz nights, football showings, we have all sorts. We're also massive on kids' events, especially during the summer holidays and Christmas. 

"It's about entertaining people at our venue from when the venue opens right until close. It's simple stuff, give them a great time with a great atmosphere and people will come back.

"Once we get people there and they see what we do - they're going to want to come back," he said. 

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