CUMBRIA, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust (CNTW) has received an award for support provided to new nurses.

CNTW has become the first mental health and disabiltiy NHS trust to be awarded the NHS Pastoral Care Quality Award. 

This award has been given to the trust in recognition of the high-quality support provided to nurses who are recruited in the trust from abroad.

Reacting to the receving the award, Jan Thornton, senior professional for international recruitment and relocation support expressed her pride.

She said: "I am delighted and so proud that the Trust has been recognised with this award.

"Our International Recruitment team works extraordinarily hard to support colleagues joining us from around the world, during both the recruitment process, their transition to the UK, and starting employment with us."

Ms Thornton also explainwd how the team supports new staff who join the trust from overseas.

She said: "Once someone is offered a position working for the Trust, we offer bespoke support to help them (and their family, if applicable) relocate.

"All our new international recruits are met with a warm welcome, and ongoing support to make this new chapter in their life a success."

Praveena, who now works as a registered mental health nurse at the trust explained how the trust hepled her tranistion, not only into her new role, but into her new life in the UK.

She said: "Relocating to the UK was a stressful thought, as it is for anyone coming to a new country. But we never felt so, as we always had someone to support us in every move towards our journey.

"CNTW supported us in everything we would have asked for and more.”