A MICHELIN-starred pub in North Cumbria is delighted to have received a loving review from Cumbria's top food writer, Grace Dent. 

The Dog & Gun, in Skelton, which was opened in 2017 by chef Ben Queen-Fryer, was praised for its convivial and cozy atmosphere, offering unpretentious but 'heartwarming food' all in the setting of a classic Cumberland country pub. 

From the praise of the cheddar souffle to the roast loin of venison, Grace Dent's review which featured in The Guardian, referred to the restaurants dark chocolate mille-feuille dessert as even winning her '2022 Pudding of the Year'. 

Chef Ben said he 'couldn't have asked for a better review'. 

In Cumbria: Chef Ben has been making his signature sea salt & herb focaccia ever since opening.Chef Ben has been making his signature sea salt & herb focaccia ever since opening. (Image: Dog & Gun Inn)

"We set out to make all customers happy and enjoy themselves, it's always quite special when it's someone who's job it is to go around professionally, if we manage to make an impression with people like that, such as Grace Dent, we're doing something right," he said. 

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"I'm so pleased that she nailed down our outlook on things. First and foremost we focus on food and hopefully everything else follows. It was great she could see that and that was her focus. 

"There's really nowhere to hide here, it is as she described, the furnishings are worn, the place isn't flash or anything like that, it's just comfortable with great staff and we try serve some really good food. 

In Cumbria: Mouthwatering roast loin and harrisa spiced pieMouthwatering roast loin and harrisa spiced pie (Image: Dog & Gun Inn)

"We don't have table cloths, the staff aren't in starch pressed aprons, we try and just offer a place where people can come enjoy themselves. It's reliant on people having a good time. 

"I didn't speak to her on the evening, as far as I was concerned she was out having her dinner and I didn't want to interrupt that. I didn't know if she would be writing a review or was just in the area and hungry.

"She mentioned to the staff she enjoyed herself on the evening but you never get any foresight as to how the article will turn out or whether or not it will be written. 

"But now its out, I couldn't have asked for a better review," he said. 

Ms Dent signed off the review by saying The Dog & Gun Skelton is the 'real taste of Cumbria'. 

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