A CARLISLE legal firm is upholding its reputation for investing in its staff with the career progress of one of its trainee legal executives.

Wragg Mark-Bell's Nicole Nicholson is now qualified as a police station representative after completing the latest step in her studies.

Having been delayed by the pandemic, she is delighted to have finally finished this stage.

"I completed the qualification through Cardiff University. It involved a written exam, a portfolio and a critical incidents test and the title at the end of it is a police station representative,” Nicole said. 

"It means that you can go to the police station to represent anyone detained there who is being interviewed for a criminal offence under caution. I'm on call now, evenings and weekends.

"I was really happy to have completed it all and progress my career by getting that qualification.

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"It's something that I've always wanted to do while working in the criminal department.

"The police station is the start of any criminal investigation, so it is a vital part of the proceedings. It's really interesting and really important to be part of that, to help our clients through that," she said. 

Nicole now aims to finish her studying over the next two years to become a legal executive under the CILEX route for non-graduates. Nicole has been part of the criminal department at Wragg Mark-Bell for over 5 years now.

Her training was paid for by Wragg Mark-Bell and Nick Kennon, senior director at the Castle Street-based practice, said it was another example of their commitment to developing people’s careers.

"Nicole has really made the most of our investment and grabbed this opportunity with both hands, especially at a tough time for studying as she had to cope with all the problems thrown up by the pandemic as well as holding down a full-time job.

"Wragg Mark-Bell has always tried to professionally develop our staff and Nicole is a great example of what can be achieved.

"So, many congratulations on this qualification. We are very proud of her and look forward to supporting her on the next step in her legal career," Nick said. 

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