A NEW gym will be opening soon, which the owners say will bring a much-needed dose of Australian charm to the town.

G’day Fitness will be opening in Keswick soon, and the gym’s owners, Dave, who is from Keswick but moved to Australia, and Broc Bell, a personal trainer from Australia who has moved to Keswick with Dave, started it with an important goal.

They wanted to create a space where fitness can become a way of life, not just a gym visit, adding that the Australian ethos of fitness is enshrined in it.

But what is the Australian fitness ethos?

Dave explained that over there, fitness is very much a part of everyday life, instead of here when it is a scheduled activity - that few keep up with.

The owners say they keep their membership rates capped and their customer service is where they shine.

The pair, who are personal trainers, will also offer fitness classes as well, adding that people will be amazed at what they can do with positive reinforcement, a great soundtrack, and friends beside them.

They met seven years ago, and said G’day Fitness was a passion for both of them.

They said that as two dog-loving, fitness-mad personal trainers, they missed the fitness lifestyle that they had been living for so long.

On why they chose Keswick, Dave said: “Mainly just to give something I thought the town was missing.”

He also said of the gym: “With a huge brand spanking new range of equipment Keswick has never had before from air bikes to Ski-ergs, power racks and sled tracks and more, you'll never run short of ideas to work up a sweat, and if you do we have more than a few up our sleeves to keep you going.

“We are suitable for all levels of fitness and want you to feel great no matter what your goals are, so get involved, invest in yourself and make fitness part of your lifestyle.”

The new gym will open on December 5 this year.

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