A Cumbrian business is taking a significant step forwards by becoming part of a unified brand, showing moves in its growth ambitions.

Online Systems, based in Carlisle, is a telecommunications and IT company.

Acquired by Focus Group in 2020, the business has since been trading as ‘Online Systems – A Focus Group company’, but will now transition to a unified brans known as simply ‘Focus Group’ from December 1.

This transition, the team from Online Systems said, will allow the company to tap into an extenside portfolio of business solutions and services, along with providing the power to leverage better deals across the whole tech sector.

Ultimately, this move will benefit both its customer base and businesses across the region looking to transform their operations with the latest digital tech solutions.

The established team and Carlisle-based offices will remain firmly in place and will become a key regional hub for Focus Group – empowering businesses across the area with the right IT, telecoms, connectivity, and security technology to evolve, the solutions to grow and with the expert support to thrive, Online Systems said.

With a team of over 800 experts employed, who are passionate in what they do, Focus Group provides over 25,000 businesses with an extensive range of the latest technology solutions across the likes of telecoms, IT, cyber security, connectivity, mobile, and energy.

David Siegel, regional director at Focus Group, said: “Since the acquisition of Online Systems by Focus Group in 2020, we have been working together to harness the benefits and efficiencies of being part of a UK-wide group whilst continuing to deliver the latest technology, best value and expert service to our valued customers.

“We’re now excited by the future opportunities that await us as a combined business and look forward to introducing the Focus Group brand to the Northeast.”

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