Christmas is a time of year when we will be spending money on all sorts of lovely things. 

Many of us will be buying presents for our friends and family whilst also buying food and drink to enjoy on the big day and over the special week. 

Of course one thing that makes a house look extra Christmassy is a wreath which so many of us hang on our doors in the winter months. 

One trader in Whitehaven, Louise Savage, has took to selling her own wreaths. 

Since Covid Louise has set up a micro business which operates out of Richardson's Of Whitehaven. 

Miss Savage said: "I've worked out of the Richardson's shop for 21 years now and during the second lockdown I came up with my own business idea of wreaths and decorative wall art. 

"I make the decorations at home and in the shop; I came up with the idea during the second lockdown and started selling them and marking them from home. We then started selling them from the shop and other businesses nearby were more than happy to welcome the idea."

Louise now shares the store with owner Gerard Richardson and she says that it has grown into a nice business on its own. 

Mr Richardson said: "I'm absolutely thrilled Louise has been the best thing that's ever happened to this business and for us to be able to giver her something back by allowing her to use the shop and utilise the space it's great. Her wreaths and wall art brighten the shop up."

Louise explained that she started making the in lockdown because people were becoming more passionate about their houses. 

She also makes the wreaths and decorations to order she explains that it has also been a great help for her to run her micro business from the shop.