A law firm has started using TikTok to encourage people to get a will.

Wragg Mark-Bell, based in Carlilse, said it’s already reaching thousands doing this.

They produced a series of TikToks for its Lunchtime Legal scheme, which lets people get a simple will during their lunch break at a discounted price.

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In the videos, solicitor Keith White and trainee solicitor Lauren Goad answer quickfire questions about wills and other legal matters.

Keith said: “The videos include the key questions that people frequently ask us with regards to drafting their wills and other legal matters.

“We wanted to make the answers and information accessible to more people, including the younger generation as it is not usually a priority for young adults.

“We wanted to reinforce the importance of getting a will and that it’s not just about dealing with property and finance matters.

“Wills are just as important to provide details as to personal wishes including what you want to happen to your pets.

“A will is necessary to ensure that what you want to happen to your house, property and finances actually happens.

“It is particularly important if you are unmarried as your property will not automatically pass to your partner on death so drafting your will is vital if you want any of your assets and property to be given to them.”

Sally Edgar, marketing manager at Intro PR and Social Media, said: “TikTok is a really effective way to reach a large audience online without needing a big marketing budget.

“Tik Tok uses its intelligent algorithms to show people content that will genuinely interest them, based on what they like to watch.

“So, you’re more likely to reach an already engaged audience.

“You might not expect a law firm to be on TikTok, but it’s the perfect place to talk about issues such as getting a will, because it’s relevant to almost everyone.

“You can reach a large audience in a short period of time, without being limited to followers like other platforms.”

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