TRADERS at a cultural and business hub in Carlisle say they're carrying on despite the resignation of its director.

The community interest company Tribe Carlisle, which houses various street-food and drink outlets in shipping containers and promotes artists and musicians in its unique cultural courtyard in Bitts Park, will have to find a new business mind to take it over following the resignation of director Joe Gardham.

Mr Gardham was contracted to run the site by Carlisle City Council upon its opening in August last year.

The entertainment and arts hub, which is home to various businesses including Pokey Parlour and Beirut Bites, have said they 'hope to continue to provide' something different to Carlisle residents.

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A spokesperson from the organisation said: "Tribe is proud of everything the site has achieved within the past year with the help from Carlisle City Council to set up and operate.

"Our tenants wish to continue trading and as a collective, Tribe hopes to continue providing something different to the residents of Carlisle when it comes to food, culture and the arts.

"We are hoping to find a new operator to take over the site so tenants can continue trading and so Tribe can continue operating as a family-friendly venue to benefit the community.

"We have charity events planned, family friendly pride, and an apprenticeship event for young people and families at the end of October - so make sure to head down," they said.

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Mr Gardham said the idea behind the project was to bring something diverse to Carlisle.

"We set out to try something very different for Carlisle which carried risk and hadn't been tried before.

"At the very least, I hope I can say I've inspired at least one person to try something new in Carlisle.

"I'm not based in Carlisle, and I feel it needs someone more local to run the site," he said.

All events will be going ahead as planned until October 30, including their family-friendly Pride event on September 25.

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