WHEN choosing a business to focus on this week it was a piece of cake, seeing as a brand new dessert shop has opened up in Denton Holme. 

The Milk Bar, on 44 Denton Street, officially opened its collection and takeaway service on September 14. 

The sweet treat shop specialises in everything from waffles, milkshakes, doughnuts, rice-pudding, pick and mix sweets and their signature San Sebastian Cheesecake - which has already been flying off the shelves. 

New Denton Holme dessert shop - The Milk BarThe Milk Bar produce

And even better than that, everything in stock is purely homemade.

The business was opened by Chagri Gevrek, with serving and baking staff Miya and Chise bringing the goods with a welcoming smile. 

Both Miya and Chise are thrilled to be part of a business which they feel is catering to a gap in the market in Denton Holme. 

"Everyone always says there's not any cake shops in Denton Holme, it's a popular area, so we wanted to make it a bit better for everyone else to be honest. 

"We've only really got Greggs down the road in terms of cakes.

"San Sebastian Cheesecake has been really popular, but every type of cheesecake certainly sells," Miya said. 

Cise, who is the main cake maker, said the name takes itself from the traditional Milk bars dating back to the 1930s. 

"The shop is looking perfect, we're looking forward to bringing everyone to come and see," Chise said. 

For sweet-tooths out there, the business is going to be open six days a week from 11am to 10pm - with only Tuesday being the day the doors are closed. 

New Denton Holme dessert shop - The Milk BarCome try out a slice!

The delectable hub also offers sandwiches and pasties during lunch hours, from 11-4pm with the shop set to open for deliveries in the next few weeks. 

You can find the business on Facebook via TheMilkBar Carlisle, with an online menu available via themilkbaronline.com/order-now

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