FROM sticky toffee pudding to Cumberland sausage, to Kendal mint cake, many of Cumbria's foods have achieved worldwide fame, but the humble Morecambe Bay shrimp has received royal acclaim.

James Baxter and Sons Ltd have been purveyors of potted shrimps since 1799, and longstanding holders of the Royal Warrant, which appoints a company as a trading partner with the royal household.

Baxter's potted shrimps first came to the attention of the Queen Mother, who enjoyed them so much she granted Baxter's a Royal Warrant in 1962. 
Her taste for them passed on to Queen Elizabeth, who similarly appointed the company to supply her table in 1967, and has been supplying the buttered crustaceans to order to the Queen ever since.

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth, the granting of the Royal Warrant now passes to King Charles, so all current 620 Royal Warrants granted by Queen Elizabeth automatically now expire, unless renewed by the new monarch.

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Clare Holland, from Baxter and Sons Ltd, said the company is hoping to continue their royal acquaintance:
"It's truly the greatest accolade a business like ours could have, and a recognition that the quality of our product has never dropped.

"Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip used to regularly come to the Lowther House Trials until around 2001, and would always stop by the Made in Cumbria food tent and walk around.

"We would regularly get orders from the royal household, and then we would ship it to Sandringham, Balmoral, Windsor, Buckingham Palace, wherever they were.

"We know that she was a huge fan, as was her mother."

The death of the Queen, and therefore the expiration of the Royal Warrant means that the company' then has two years to remove the coat of arms from its packaging.

Clare said that the company has little control over the process of being granted a Royal Warrant by King Charles III.

"We don't reapply, as it were, for a Royal Warrant, the royal household has to come to us, at which point we will be audited," she said.

"We're not sure if Charles is a shrimp enthusiast, but if he's not, we hope Camilla's a fan."