HUNDREDS of businesses across the UK have the honour of displaying The Queen's coat of arms.

Warrants were granted by the late Queen, the late Duke of Edinburgh and also HRH the Prince of Wales, but traditionally Royal Warrants become void upon the death of the grantor, meaning only those granted by the Prince of Wales – now King Charles III – are now current. However brands can continue to display the coat of arms for two years.

Here are all the businesses in Cumbria who have been bestowed the honour.

James Baxter & Son LTD, Flookburgh

Purveyors of Potted Shrimps

Established in 1799, it is still be producing the original potted shrimp. Baxters Potted Shrimps are produced in 50g, 100g and 200g cartons. As specialists in the mail order service, shrimps are dispatched fresh to individuals and catering establishments alike.

The family arrived in the district in the 1600s, and in the early days combined farming with fishing. The fishing side of the business grew with Morecambe, and Baxters was founded in 1799 by James Baxter. It has been potting shrimps for 130 years, and have never altered the basic process and secret original recipe. By using only the best raw materials, in hygienic conditions, it says it achieves a consistently high-quality product. Potted shrimps freeze extremely well. It closed its Morecambe factory in 2019 to focus production solely from its Flookburgh site.

R. B. WOODALL, Waberthwaite

Suppliers of Traditional Cumberland Bacon

Nestling between the Lakeland fells and the Irish Sea lies the sleepy backwater village of Waberthwaite. This is the home of the Woodall family. The company is renowned for its traditionally cured hams, bacon and sausages. Here, we steadfastly utilise the same recipes and techniques as our ancestors did more than 185 years ago.

Back in 1828 Mrs Hannah Woodall, being recently widowed, sought to increase her meagre income by curing and processing the neighbouring family’s pig. Aided by her eldest son Jackson, Hannah’s business began to prosper, laying the foundations of a very special enterprise which still flourishes almost two centuries later. Quality customer satisfaction and a commitment to producing the finest products are rooted in the history of the company and fiercely upheld to the present day. Traditional dry curing uses salt, sugar, saltpetre and nothing more! The most essential ingredient is patience – time to reach perfection, something that no amount of money or new technology can replace.

Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd, Kendal

Water Turbine Engineers

Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd (Gilkes) is a privately owned, internationally established manufacturing business based in Kendal. Founded in 1853 Gilkes specialise in the design, assembly, installation and commissioning of hydroelectric schemes, as well as the design and manufacture of engine cooling pumps.

Gilkes offers a range of hydroelectric turbines capable of generating up to 20MW from a single unit. The range consists of Pelton, Francis and Turgo turbines (invented by Gilkes in 1919) and includes compact solutions for the 50kW to 100kW market.

In its 169 year history, Gilkes has sold over 6,800 turbines, exporting to over 85 countries. Having thousands of installations around the world allows Gilkes to continue to leverage technology and innovation to increase the efficiency of our turbines whilst reducing environmental impact through sustainable, renewable energy.

Griffen Mill, Burneside

Manufacturers of Archival Handmade Paper

Griffen Mill is the only producer of handmade book and conservation papers in Britain and supplies leading conservators, bookbinders, museums, presses, and artists worldwide. In late 2021 production was transferred to a new mill in the Lake District with Griffen becoming a division of the Paper Foundation charity.