An entrepreneurial couple have been given the go-ahead to start a mead brewing and delivery business from their home in Barrow.

The plan for the prospective new business in Pine Road, Ormsgill, faced opposition from members of the public concerned about traffic, noise and smell. 

Applicants Paul Britton and Laura Britton say they want to start a delivery-only, small-scale enterprise.

"It's going to be a tiny setup," Mr Britton told councillors at a meeting of Barrow Council's licensing sub-committee yesterday.

He said it was intended the business would be a 'stepping stone' to a larger premises and was 'more to prove that the sales are there'.

"The only place that seems to sell it [mead] is Morrisons, and they sell one brand," he said.

He said he or his wife would be conducting all of the deliveries.

One objection to the couple's application said a licence to sell alcohol from a domestic premises 'cannot be the way forward'.

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"A commercial business should use commercial premises, of which there are plenty of empty properties in the town," said the objection.

"How will the 'delivery-only' aspect of the business be policed?

"We also have concerns as to where the alcohol is brewed and stored and the smells that could exude in view of the quantity that will be required for the business to be successful."

Geoff Dowker, who works in environmental protection at the council, said he had conducted a visit of the house and found there to be no odour from the mead operation.

He said the council had powers to intervene should odour be detected at the property. 

A spokesman for the borough council's planning department had said in an email prior to the meeting: "Should the scale of the business become excessive, then there is the possibility of formal enforcement action under the Planning Act."

The licensing sub-committee granted permission to the proposed meadery to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises between the hours of 11am and 11pm.

The committee also granted opening hours to the premises of between 11am and 11pm.

The intended start date of the business is January 1, 2023.

Permission was granted subject to a number of conditions, including that alcohol be sold by delivery only.