A DOG grooming business has become stronger with the addition of a newly-certified professional groomer.

Brianna Marshall is not new to the Wofly Pawfect dog grooming business in Brampton, having trained under business owner Michelle Barnes, but has recently become an officially certified professional groomer.

Michelle wrote in a congratulatory post: “This is the first step on the ICMG journey, the next step is the certified advanced professional groomer exams.

“She has done me proud and has a bright future in dog grooming.”

ICMG stands for internationally certified master groomer, of which there are only 58 in the whole country that are certified to one of the highest degrees of standard in dog grooming.

In August last year, Brianna, who goes by Bri, entered her first grooming competition and won her class, Salon Fusion Middletons in The Salon Groomer of the Year competition.

Her journey to becoming one of the country’s best dog groomers is one step closer.

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