CARLISLE is well-underway in paving the way for a bright and prosperous future for itself. 

Through years of hard work and determination, many of the city's projects in and out of the pipeline could help fortify Carlisle as the 'Great Border City' for many years to come - perfectly matched with an increasing population as latest census figures show a growth of 2 per cent over the last decade

Suzanne Caldwell, managing director for the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, said: "We've been through the doom and gloom of Debenhams is closed, the disrepair of the House of Fraser, look at this and look at that, but all that work that has been going on to actually make things that are coming through now fruition is bearing fruit and it'll spiral - things are looking really positive and it'll make up for a really bright future."

Perhaps the biggest reassurance for a rejuvenation of the city stems from the Citadel Campus project. 

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The redevelopment will bring the Grade I listed Citadel buildings into a state-of-the-art University of Cumbria campus with a shared public realm - of which is set to be part-funded by £50million from the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal - hailed as bringing economic prosperity and social benefits. 

Ms Caldwell said she believes "success attaches to success". 

"It's a really attractive little city but things like the Citadel development and having the campus going within that as a real integral part of the city centre in such a prominent site is going to make such a difference to the vibrancy of the city and how it feels. 

"The number of people in the city centre spending money it's going to be a real boost. And hopefully, there will be some more developments on the back of that," she said. 

On the same line, the commitment of a 'short-medium' term strategy to re-open the doors at the Lake District Airport, after laying dormant for the past two years, the Esken group remains confident in providing the necessary financing to allow the airport to get passengers and cargo back in the air - alluding to further prosperity.

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Similarly, investment plans are also underway for Carlisle's Railway Station, after Avanti West Coast submitted an application to develop a regional training centre for drivers and crew within a vacant building in the railway station. 

The city's Town Deal Investment Plan will also bring £16.6 million funding to six of city's different projects, which will see a rejuvenation of Carlisle's Market Hall alongside improvements to popular attractions such as the Tullie House. 

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And with more development, comes attraction, employment and housing. 
Carlisle City Council’s development panel met at the Civic Centre on Friday approving a proposal to build a distribution centre for DPD on the west side of Kingmoor Park industrial estate.

The ever-growing expansion coincides with the development of St Cuthbert's Garden Village, an ambitious project bringing 10,325 homes to the south of the city. 

"We do need more people to facilitate the sort of growth available, the St Cuthbert's Village is a great as well because it's not just building housing but building communities. 

"There has been a lot of people working really hard, over a number of years, to get Carlisle into this position," Ms Caldwell said. 

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