"LETTING people know you're on their side and you're going to guide them from start to finish is a big thing for me".

When it comes to selling your beloved home or making a jump to that place you've always dreamed of, it can sometimes seem like a daunting task - but fear not. 

Cumbria's newest independent estate agent, Liam Irving, wants to be there by your side every step of the way, making the situation as stress-free as it possibly can be. 

Liam, who has 16 years under his belt as an estate agent, runs his close-knit business with his "finger on the pulse" as he takes clients through the initial valuation stage right up to the moment of smiles and keys being handed over. 

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"It's a lovely feeling being with people at the start of the journey, from putting the house on the market to photography, valuations and all the details, when you get to the end of the procedure and you get a lovely smile from the client going into the property, it makes all that months hard work worthwhile really," he said.

"It means you're doing something that is changing people's lives for the better.

In Cumbria: Liam Irving started his business just six weeks agoLiam Irving started his business just six weeks ago

"I started working with Cumbrian properties in 2006 and it just grew from then. I started out as a junior learning the ropes and throughout the years things organically grew, and I eventually became a fundamental part of the business, and on the back of that, literally six weeks ago, I decided it was my opportunity to branch out and set up on my own. 

"It's been a bit of a whirlwind to be honest." 

Along with the help of his wife Gemma, the duo take pride on offering a personal touch. 

"I don't necessarily want to be the biggest estate agent in Carlisle, I want to be a personal one that delivers on what I say I do," he said. "I think sometimes if you become a bit to big, you lose a bit of the focus you aimed for in the outset.

"My plan is to keep it close-knit, family orientated but more importantly, deliver on the services I've promised my clients on day one.

"My hope is that the business keeps on growing month after month, and if it continues at this rate, it'll be a brilliant business to be in charge of and something I'll be very proud of," he said.

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