AN ULVERSTON shop has seen a successful year of trading as it enters its tenth year of business.

Samovar, located at 56 Market Street, is a popular confectionery shop which was opened back in 2012.

Ran by Barrow born Alan Henshall, the shop is well known in the town for its unique treats which include chocolate, sweets, and Valentine’s traditional chocolates.

Despite difficulties caused by the lockdown and the current economy, the shop has found success in its trading and has attracted customers from across the county.

Alan said: “I’m the owner and we have two women on staff who take care of everything.

“I was born in Barrow but grew up in Ulverston.

“This is the first shop and I basically always worked away. It’s just a business that opened up and it always has staff in.

“It opened in May 2012, and it was booming for the first few years

“It’s quieted down now and we’re doing alright now.

“It seems to be riding out the poor economy, and we have a lot of loyal customers in our area.

“Of course, in the summer we get the tourists coming up here.

“We always get a steady trickle of people coming in especially around the school holidays and we’ve got plenty of regulars.

“Some our customers travel from all over Cumbria to come and see us, some from Barrow, Kendal and Walney.

“They come to the shop because of the products we sell. Some are very unique.

“The chocolates are our most successful products and we are very proud of them. A lot of the gift items sell really well and we’re a confectionery gift shop so we have a lot of success there.

“We sell tin products like fudges and toffees that are very popular.

“Anyone who is looking for presents, birthday or anniversaries, please pop in and see us.

"A big thank you to Marie and Cath who there all the time and do so much."