Name: Lee Taylor-Craddock, Commercial Director, Newsquest Cumbria

What does your job involve?

I am very lucky to lead a very talented team of marketing experts, who through the power of our huge local audiences and industry leading advertising solutions help businesses grow, which supports our wider objective as an organisation to help communities thrive.

I drive a….

Good old reliable estate car, plenty of room in the back for the dogs so I can head out anywhere with them on a nice evening walk after a long day at the office

My favourite TV programme is?

The Amazon series Vikings is up there, but generally all period dramas which have more of a non-fiction / based on real events approach to them, with a sprinkle of an exaggerated storyline to keep me engaged of course. I am fascinated to understand how the world we all share came to be what it is today!

Most memorable meal or favourite food?

Has to be a very authentic Italian restaurant on the back streets of Sorrento during our honeymoon. The very nice staff didn’t speak a word of English and the décor led a lot to be desired, but it was the best seafood linguine I have ever come across

My idea of a great weekend involves…

Fun of some sort with the family, whether that be an activity, visiting one of the many great attractions in Cumbria, a meal our or even a long dog walk finished off with a movie whilst snug on the couch.

Biggest inspiration

Slightly soppy but it has to be my seven-year-old daughter. Without knowing it she is the driving force behind everything I do and is what pushes me to be the best person and role model I possibly can be.

Best advice you’ve ever been given

Treat others with respect, how you treat others will be how they treat you

Favourite pub, café or restaurant in Cumbria

I couldn’t possibly choose one outright favourite, we are blessed with so many fantastic eateries in Cumbria from cafes, gastro pubs to Michelin-star restaurants. I suppose it depends on the occasion, but you are never too far away from a good meal wherever you are in Cumbria. I do give preference to those who champion local producers and source local ingredients, there are so many fantastic food producers across the County

Best view in Cumbria

A little lakeside spot to the right of the car park on Lake Coniston, what isn’t there to love? Look up you see the sky and clouds, look forward and you get the most amazing view of the lake and look behind and you have the Old Man of Coniston – I keep telling myself I will hike it one day but I am always drawn to the lakeside with my paddle board in tow.

What was the first piece of music you ever bought?

I would never live it down; some things are best kept a secret!

Early riser or enjoy a lie-in?

During the week it’s an early rise - as they say the early bird catches the worm! The weekend is a different story - it can be a bit of a struggle and a lie in is probably the preference

Apart from a mobile phone, which piece of technology has improved your life in the last couple of years?

It has to be my Apple watch, the constant nag of the activity rings and notifications is a reminder I need to get up, move and be more active with the added challenge of training to achieve more steps than my wife each day which isn’t very often !