BUSINESSES can connect with young people and promote their apprenticeships, jobs, and work experience - thanks to a new website.

Your Future: Here was made possible with funding from the Sellafield Ltd SiX Social Impact multiplied programme, enabling the development of the brokerage and signposting service.

It will connect young people aged 16-25 to opportunities with the county’s wider business community through one ‘plug-in’ place via the new website or via the integrated site.

The Centre for Leadership Performance, working with members of Cumbria Future Leaders Steering Group has created the new website that improves access to opportunities for young people.

Tracey West, social impact manager at Sellafield Ltd said: “There are lots of great opportunities available for young people but often they aren’t visible for all to see.

"The brokerage encourages and enables our supply chain and other businesses to share and promote their opportunities and connect with young people, all in one place.

"As well as supporting young professionals, college students, apprentices and graduates, it also provides engagement and a resource for parents and educators."