A 21-YEAR-OLD business owner has launched an evening dessert and burger parlor to fill a gap in the market for residents in Ulverston.

Cain Mcnulty, 21 officially opened Desserts at Bardsea on Thursday, June 9 after the success of his partner’s business, The Café at Bardsea situated at Bardsea Leisure Caravan Park on Priory Road, Ulverston where the two businesses operate from.

Cain who has experience working as a retail catering manager said the opening day went well.

He said: “I was working for Ben and decided to do my own thing for a couple of days a week in the evening.

“There aren’t many dessert places in Ulverston anymore. One place has shortened their hours and cut down their menu and the next nearest dessert place in Dalton but they charge quite a bit for delivery to Ulverston, so we really are the only dessert place available around here with a bigger menu.”

Dessert at Bardsea is open Thursday to Sunday from 6pm until 9:30pm selling an array of hot cakes, waffles, and bubble waffles with a selection of toppings. They also sell burgers with their own signature twist to them.

Cain said: “I wanted to sell burgers that were good and different, so we have a selection of signature burgers as well as a typical quarter pounder.

“On our opening night we mainly sold burgers and only a couple of the sweet treats, they were flying out.

“Ben and I posted a picture of the signature burgers on our social media before we opened so people could have a look and when they saw them, they said they really wanted to try them out.”

Dessert at Bardseas is now also available for customers to order through Ulverston Eats.

Cain said: “I’m extremely happy with how the first night went, it went better than I thought. I was expecting about one or two people to come in, but we got quite a few.

“I hope it will get busier in summer and then I can hire some more staff and we can finally get some time to ourselves as we are just working every hour under the sun.”