ASK a business owner if they would like more revenue and very few - if any - will say no.

It’s not always easy to come by of course - but sometimes, simple actions can lead to impressive results.

Businesses the length and breadth of Cumbria are finding that sending one simple email is leading to a world of opportunity being opened to them.

And in many cases, they simply had not considered the course of action they are now being supported in taking.

We’re talking about selling goods or services overseas. Or in a word, exporting. It sounds scary, tough, and perhaps too hard to achieve.

But the reality is that businesses large and small are doing it right now - and they are reaping the rewards on their bottom line.

International Trade Advisors based right here in Cumbria are working with scores of businesses that have taken the leap of faith.

All support is free and funded by the Department for International Trade - in fact in some cases, it includes grants of up to £9,000.

Ask yourself this question - if your product or service is in demand in the UK, why would there not be a demand for it in other countries?

The chances are, there would be.

Support is available if you are one of the following:

  • A business with no experience in exporting but a desire to learn more.
  • A business with the basis of a plan to export which needs support refining it.
  • A business already exporting which wants to supercharge its activity.
  • A business needing financial support to attend overseas events.
  • A business needing financial support with marketing activity or material for overseas activity.

Don't just take our word for it. Head to our social channels on Linked-in or Facebook - just search Export Cumbria - to see what many of the businesses we work with are up to and have had to say.

Our message to you? Don't miss out - send that email today. It might just change the fortunes of the business you work so hard to make a success.

Email to start your journey.