MEET the business that is cream of the crop when it comes to producing first class milk and ice-cream. 

Katherine's Jerseys has been running since 2020 but it's not just any old milk being produced, the business specialises in providing freshly pasteurised milk from Jersey cows. 

The difference with a Jersey cow opposed to 'average milk' is that the product contains 18 per cent more protein, 20 per cent more calcium, and 25 per cent more butterfat. 

Owner Katherine Jenkinson said the extra butterfat content makes up for a much more "creamier milk". 

"It makes for a lot richer milk, we get a lot of people that are also lactose intolerant drinking our milk, just because of the different proteins, it means that their stomach can digest it a lot easier," she said. 

In Cumbria: FRESH: Vending machines keeping the produce at perfect tempature. FRESH: Vending machines keeping the produce at perfect tempature.

Katherine currently has 120 Jersey cows producing glorious batches from her family farm at Fordsyke Farm in Scaleby, of which they've ran for over 30 years. 

The farm offers patrons the chance to come up and grab fresh produce from their fully-stocked vending machines as well as a glimpse of the 'cutest' cows from 6am-9pm, every day, all year round.

"The slighter older generation used to get Jersey milk when they were younger, so they always love coming and reminiscing about the milk they had delivered in a glass bottle as a kid, all kids fighting over the cream at the top of the bottle. 

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The farm is becoming evermore popular for their Jersey ice-cream which comes in a range of flavours from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry ripple and mint chocolate-chip.

"The ice cream itself gets made by a fourth generation Italian company from our milk, they really do know what they're doing. 

"They've even said the strawberry ice-cream we sell is the best they've ever hard, which really means a lot to me when it comes from an Italian," she said. 

But the buck doesn't stop just at milk and ice-cream, the farm also sells a range of soap made from their produce, which is known to be good for for eczema and psoriasis - of which is available to order online. 

"I think my customers would really like me to start selling cream, which may be a future investment," she said.  

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