A FAMILY-run pie shop is in ‘jeopardy’ after emergency repairs had to be carried out on the bakery.

The Pie Shop at Dalton prides itself on baking fresh pies and sweet treats on the premises.

The company has launched a fundraiser to help recover some of the costs of the damages.

Hoping to raise the target amount of £4,000, they have so far raised £705.

The fundraiser explains how they had discovered the building was just a ‘matter of millimetres from being condemned’, sparking immediate action.

It reads: “We were recently saddened to discover that our building was a matter of millimetres from being condemned.

“The front of the shop was at risk of collapsing onto the pavement below and action needed to be taken immediately. No surveys picked up on the state of such poor build quality.

“This escalated the project to become a full rebuild of all frontal elevations. Due to the scale of the rebuild we have been unable to open our bakery for trade, which has impacted our funds for paying staff.

“It is hard to ask for charity as a business but our insurance won't cover our losses and the build has ran over such a length that we are now asking for any help we can get.

“Since opening in 2018 we have been made to feel so welcome to the small town of Dalton. Only trading for two years before being hit by the pandemic, which everyone suffered from, we made a comeback through sheer determination and amazing support from staff and the public, now only to be set back again by these unforeseen circumstances. Now our business is in jeopardy.”

The team asked if people could donate as little as £1 to help towards the ‘overwhelming cost’.

The bakery was able to reopen on Thursday.

To make a donation to the cause, visit: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/building-sos