THE OWNER of a Silloth tearoom has expressed her shock after her establishment was featured in a list of the best places to eat on the coast in The Times.

Cumbrian food writer Grace Dent and TV chef Ainsley Harriott named The Fairydust Emporium as the ninth best place to visit, with Dent recalling her childhood memories visiting the town in the feature.


In Cumbria: NOSTALGIC: Grace Dent revealed that her trip to the tearoom brought back memories from her childhoodNOSTALGIC: Grace Dent revealed that her trip to the tearoom brought back memories from her childhood


Sharing her joy over the listing, Vicky Hope said: “One of my customers came in to tell me all about it and I was absolutely over the moon and to be honest quite emotional.  Anyone who has their own business and has struggled with Covid and beyond has a passion for what they do.

“This was affirmation that all our hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and I’m thrilled that such exceptionally qualified people think that we are worth being number nine in the UK.  Not only just for my business and my team but for the town of Silloth - it’s a gem in the crown that is Cumbria.”


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When asked if she personally met Ms Dent on her visit to the Emporium, Vicky shared: “I think I may have not realised at the time that I was in the presence of culinary royalty - everyone gets the same treatment and celebrities are no different to anyone else.

“All of our customers are treated like royalty especially their dogs and children, it’s our thing.  We aim to exceed everyone’s expectations with the fairydust customer experience with everyone who walks through the door.”


In Cumbria: DELICIOUS: The Emporium was in ninth place in the listDELICIOUS: The Emporium was in ninth place in the list


Vicky, who is part of the local council, is excited for what the next few months have in store for the town.

She said: “Silloth has bounced back from Covid in a huge way in 2022. There are several events planned for the summer, all of which can be found on Facebook on our page, Silloth On Solway Town Council and pages devoted to each event.

“I can’t wait for the summer to come this year in Silloth, we will be introducing new and exciting additions to our emporium and as always spreading a lot of fairydust and sparkle on a daily basis. I can’t stress, however, that you really need to book to get a table!”


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