MAKING a mark on a city's creative industry is difficult if you don't have a decent PR whizz working behind the scenes; and this is something Lauren knew from the beginning.

Travelling to London to study, Carlisle-native Lauren Crowther soon realised that her talents were better spent back home.

She started PR in the University of the Arts in London, and stayed for four years, but decided to move back home to be closer to family.

Finding work in PR for the creative industry may seem a hard task while living in Carlisle, but she and her friends were pleasantly surprised to hear of her success in doing so.

First working internally at System People, they have now become her main client for her PR business Sierra Communications.

She started this business in August last year at the age of 25, and she's seen several strong successes.

One such was with Tribe Carlisle.

She said: "It came about because Tribe were looking for someone to manage their communications.

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"I thought it was a great idea for Carlisle."

Her PR expertise saw Hive, a DJ collective, perform successfully at Tribe.

In Cumbria:

Pushing the arts in the forefront of Tribe's entertainment, she took a chance on a budding artistic collective known as Free Radical Arts.

"I saw the News & Star article about Free Radical Arts and I thought everything we do is about culture."

In Cumbria:

Lauren explained that she wanted to encourage young creatives, the same that follow the moves of Free Radical Arts, to become involved in what Tribe does, and she wanted to encourage the creation and display of more art and culture in the city.

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When asked if she sees herself moving away again to move her career forward, she said: "What keeps me here is wanting to help shape Cumbria, move forward, and grow, make Cumbria a hub for young creative people.

"I'm settled in Carlisle 100 per cent.

"I wouldn't have this opportunity if I was in London."

Over her career, Lauren has worked with some of the biggest brands in entertainment, technology, and business, including Activision, WWE, Intel, Dell, Google, Twitter, Badoo and more.

Her brand, Sierra Communications, offers a range of services including creative and digital PR, marketing, and media relations.

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