A BREWING company has been awarded a bronze medal in a regional award for their traditional bitter beer.

Owner of Ulverston Brewing Company, Paul Swann has won Bronze in the CAMRA’s North West Regional Champion Beer of Britain competition at the Liverpool Beer Festival which was held in February for his Laughing gravy beer.

Paul who opened the brewery in Lindal in 2006 and moved to its current premises in 2010 said it was nice to get recognition for all the hard work.

He said: “Liverpool beer festival is the biggest in the Nort west so it’s nice to get recognition for all our hard work.

“Like all businesses, we had to close for a short while during covid and it was difficult. We sold bottles and some mini-kegs for home use from the brewery on a Friday once restrictions were lifted which kept us going.

“Since Covid, there has been a shortage of hospitality staff and even though this doesn’t affect us directly, a lot of pubs we supply to are now only open four days a week cause they can’t get the staff, the volume of people and beer being drunk isn't back to where it was.

“We need good summer weather as the sun makes people want to get out.”

Paul said he has seen a rise in businesses supporting other local businesses since covid which worked really well for his business.

He said: “Since Covid, I’ve concentrated on the Furness area and closer to home, I use to supply to the top of the country and north wales but I’ve switched to more local and I’m really happy with the way it’s working out.

“Despite this, being recognized for an award in Liverpool is great, Liverpool isn’t an area where our beer goes to.”

The Ulverston Brewing company was also awarded a bronze medal in 201 at the Great British beer festival held in London.

Paul has also been brewing a special beer for the Queen's jubilee which will be available in early May.