A Carlisle accountancy firm has launched a new venture to target clients with a difference, who are working in the world of online streaming and adult entertainment.

Ezyco Accounts, based in Solway House Business Centre, in Kingstown, has been running for seven years.

However, over the last six months it has increasingly turned its focus to working with contractors, sole traders and small businesses.

"It's all about trying to cater to people that aren't necessarily catered to when it comes to standard accountancy," says consultant Isobel Brennock.

“It’s all about being approachable. Some people go into being self-employed and they don't actually realise what tax obligations they will have. We want to be able to explain it to them and work with them.

"We've always run this model where our clients have a particular person to contact so you're not just emailing a random inbox, it's a particular person that you've been chatting to for however long since you came aboard. The client has to want to work with you. I think a big part of it is transparency and trust.”

The company also tries to provide an affordable alternative for small operators.

“Instead of charging yearly, for a sole trader we'll charge monthly, and we'll offer several different packages of support depending on them,” says Isobel.

“We’ve got different packages for people from a single person business to a sole trader who has payroll and VAT returns.”

The company has now launched a new business named Worth It Accounts, specifically tailored to working with digital entrepreneurs, including those making money by posting content on video streaming platforms such as TikTok, OnlyFans or Twitch.

"They often have very similar needs to some sole traders," says Isobel.

"They don't necessarily know what expenses they can claim and depending on the type of digital entrepreneur they are they may not always be comfortable asking about it. Sometimes an accountancy firm’s ethics might not align with that kind of business.”

The latter point is particularly important for OnlyFans which allows users to upload adult content which is accessed via a paywall.

“We’ve done market research and there are many examples of people being turned away from accountancy firms because they are not comfortable with the type of content they are generating,” says Isobel.

“For us, we want to be non-judgmental and just create a service that can help people through the process, whatever they are doing. We are not really fazed by anything.”

Isobel hopes the service will be able to provide help to clients across the UK.

"I can really get everything I need from somebody's email so we can work with people anywhere really," she says.

"At the moment, most of our clients work with us via email and telephone and they do pop in sometimes.

"There's definitely an untapped potential there. I think, especially over lockdown, a lot of people turned to platforms like YouTube and Twitch and Tik Tok to make money and they don't necessarily know what the tax implications of that are. It can easily become more than just a little side business and you need to be aware of how to protect yourself and find the best model for dealing with tax legally.”