A COMPANY is moving to a four-day working week in a bid to improve work life balance for employees, drive business productivity and reduce its carbon footprint.

LED lighting and electronics manufacturer Oxley Group will implement the new work structure from April 4 for a 12-month trial basis.

The move will cover the whole operation at the company’s head office site in Ulverston and the team will continue to operate a 37 hour week which will be worked on a flexible basis over four long days.

Bosses said the new working arrangement has the ‘overwhelming’ support of the Oxley team and the group foresees that it will deliver ‘multiple benefits’ including better health and wellbeing for employees, better retention of staff and a reduction of energy usage and carbon emissions.

Oxley team members spoke about how the new working week will benefit them.

Manufacturing supervisor, Liam Williams, said: “Being at home on a Friday, I’m able to spend more time with my daughter, reducing the time she spends in childcare and therefore reducing the cost of childcare.

“This allows me to spend more time with my family and to have a better work – life balance which is very important to me. The change has been a massive boost for morale, to know that the company is listening to your ideas and taking action.”

Production manager, Helen Cooper, said: “It’s not just a four-day week, under the flexible working arrangements I can make my schedule work for me, this is beneficial to a lot of people and especially those with a family and it makes Oxley a more attractive place to work.”

Mechanical design engineer, Aaron Fox, is looking forward to less driving time.

“I commute 50 miles a day, one less travel day will save me £500 a year and it will give me personal time at the weekend,” he said.

Oxley Group CEO, Darren Cavan, said: “Our team is at the heart of the business, after the pandemic we had to look at how the future of work would look.

“We undertook a survey entitled ‘Challenge and Change’ to understand the priorities of our colleagues, there was overwhelming support for a four day week.

“We listened and we’re delighted that we have been able to move forward and implement this so quickly, alongside flexible and hybrid working solutions.

“The flexible and hybrid changes enable our team to develop a work pattern that fits for them personally and that is suited to their role.

“We believe this change will offer a win, win, win, to our team, the business and of course our customers across the globe who expect an excellent level of service from Oxley.”