MORE than 100 schoolchildren found out about exciting opportunities coming to their doorstep as an initiative which will create 700 jobs held its community launch.

iSH (the Industrial Solutions Hub) will bring a wide range of employment, skills and training opportunities to Cleator Moor and help regenerate a community, improving life chances of people from all across the community.


In Cumbria: OBSERVE: Professionals were on hand to guide the pupilsOBSERVE: Professionals were on hand to guide the pupils


Children from Montreal and St Patrick’s Primary Schools got hands-on experience at Cleator Moor Civic Hall of some of the exciting technology which will be part of iSH’s initial development at Leconfield.

Engineering firm Forth set up an augmented reality car in a giant inflatable outside the hall so the children got the opportunity to try out the latest technology. They also demonstrated the firm’s remote controlled rescue robot which is used by Sellafield.

Inside the hall the children also got to control drones on a simulator thanks to Sellafield’s UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) team.


In Cumbria: CONTROL: Sellafield's UAV team attended with a drone simulatorCONTROL: Sellafield's UAV team attended with a drone simulator


Technology firm V360 gave the children a chance to try out the latest virtual reality technology and Sarah Watt, who specialises in running science workshops for children, set up a hands-on engineering challenge for the students.


In Cumbria: VIRTUAL: VR headsets were available to test on the dayVIRTUAL: VR headsets were available to test on the day


John Maddison, managing director of iSH, said: “Seeing the smiles on all the children’s faces is what it is all about.

“There are exciting opportunities coming to Cleator Moor through iSH and all its partners who get involved, including entrepreneurs, businesses and a range of organisations, who will make this a truly transformative initiative for Cleator Moor and surrounding area.

“It’s important for everyone that schools and the whole community have a clear pathway to the opportunities that will be created through iSH and that’s why it was so great to see our exhibitors inspiring so many children.


In Cumbria: OBSERVE: The pupils discuss what they have learnedOBSERVE: The pupils discuss what they have learned


“We will continue to reach out to all areas of society and ensure iSH is genuinely inclusive and offers jobs, skills, and training opportunities for those who otherwise might be overlooked.

“At the launch people have told us it’s a once in three generations opportunity. It’s wonderful to think that some of the children who have attended the launch will go on to have exciting careers and jobs here in a few years’ time.”


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