Over the last two years, UK business has seen the most prolonged period of turmoil since the 2008 financial crisis. Organisations of all sizes, across every sector are highly unlikely to have escaped some form of profound effects of Covid restrictions.

However, despite unprecedented government support, it is estimated that potentially hundreds of thousands of businesses either temporarily chose to stop trading,or were forced to close for good due to lack of viable custom and an inability to bear the burden of the pandemic.

Cumbria is the UK’s 3rd largest county by area, yet 41st in terms of population. One might therefore think that there could be a lack of potential custom, however, prospective businesses owners who would consider Cumbria as a location are exposed to a huge range of potential locations which could best service their venture, and there is also a great deal of help on offer. For example, Cumbria Business Growth Hub offer a Business Start-Up Support Scheme (BSUS), which is a £1.4 million project that encourages enterprise and helps new businesses get off the ground.

Cumbria Chamber Enterprise Network has been launched to offer networking opportunities to new entrepreneurs and young businesses, offer free training and provide business grants to help a business idea get up and running or an established young business grow.

The vision is for Cumbria is to have one of the fastest growing economies in the UK, where SME’s can develop in a vibrant and healthy environment. Not only is Cumbria a beautiful place to live and work, it offers opportunities for innovation and also the potential joint ventures. There are very few businesses that could not find a suitable home somewhere throughout the county. Many people have flocked to the county, either to live, or to start a new venture. The area is therefore buzzing with activity and boasts a very strong community feel.

With that in mind, perhaps it is a good time for those who have the ambition to operate their own business and be their own boss, to come and take a look, and see what is waiting for you and your new business in 2022.