A MARKET stall owner has expanded her business and has opened a piercing studio in a popular town market hall.

54-year-old, Helen Scarr-Evans from Walney officially opened her piercing studio on Monday, February 7 as the newest and now only piercing studio in Barrow Indoor Market Hall.

The piercing studio opened on a double store next to her handmade silver jewellery stand, Handmade by Helen S-E which has been open since November 2019.

Helen said she has always thought about opening her own piercing studio but bit the bullet and decided now was the right time.

She said: “It’s different but it’s one of them things that I’ve had playing on my mind for ages but never went through with doing.

“In the market you usually aren’t allowed to have two of one particular business as there isn’t enough money coming in to sustain two and one woman left a couple of year ago and I thought now is the perfect time to start my own.

“I’ve also filled that hole within the market as there was nothing like that in the market for a while.

“Even though it’s cost me quite a bit of money to get the studio decorated and up and running with it conforming to health and safety procedures I’m excited for this new venture.”

Helen will be offering all piercings above the waist and has her full piercing certificate.

Helen said: “I’ve had loads of messages already for availability and prices, it’s been really positive.

“I got my certificate in August last year and travelled to the North East to my training, I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for more customers.

“Some people complain about the market and how it’s rubbish and a of tat but there is so many different stalls in the market and people don’t actually realise what we have unless they come in and look around.

“This is people’s livelihood at the end of the day and everyone in here works really hard to put in all they can and make a living out of it.”