Cumbria-based housebuilder Genesis Homes are set to build 16 houses, fully powered by renewable sources in Calthwaite as part of its EcoGen project.

The project is part of the business’ ongoing commitment to significantly reduce household emissions, with 40 per cent of UK carbon emissions attributed to households.

Nicky Gordon, the Managing Director of Genesis Homes and who has led the EcoGen project, said: “We are leading the way in the sustainable house building sector because we feel passionate about reducing our impact on the environment, and we are encouraging our customers to join us on this journey.

“For us, this is just the starting point in our commitment to sustainable living and we are excited to see how this pioneering project will shape our long-term business plan.

“By building these homes, we are removing harmful carbon emissions from households while significantly reducing energy costs for the homeowner, so we regard this development as a win-win situation.”

By introducing the homes, more than 850 tonnes of carbon emissions will be saved over a 10-year period, compared to a traditional ‘grid and gas’ development of the same size.

Every net zero emitting home will have:

• Solar photovoltaic panels on the roof that will obtain energy from daylight to power the home

• A solar assisted heat pump, powered by a thermodynamic panel, which provides hot water storage for the dwelling

• A small, powerful battery unit that will be charged predominantly from the electricity grid, using 100% green tariff energy, during off-peak, low-cost hours

• Infrared heating panels which convert electricity into radiant heating will be installed in each room

• A smart home system managed through an integrated app which allows the management of all parts of the house technology, from managing the multiple thermostats, to battery and energy usage, and scheduling of vehicle charging

To coincide with the launch of EcoGen Homes, a competition to win £630 worth of smart tech gadgets for the home will be held. Details of how to enter can be found on Genesis Homes’ social media channels.

The sustainable homes in Calthwaite are now on the market with construction under way, with the first home expected to be completed in the summer.