BUSINESSES across Barrow are set to benefit from a low carbon grant.

The 'Low Carbon Barrow' is a European-funded support programme to help small and medium-sized businesses, charities and constituted community groups improve their energy efficiency and environmental performance.

Businesses will be awarded between £1000 - £10,00 to help reduce carbon emissions, and do their bit towards a zero-carbon Cumbria.

Low Carbon Barrow will award around 25 grants across the borough – from Ireleth to Walney, and from Askam to Lindal.

So far there has been a good response from businesses and they welcome more applications.

The programme will support low carbon investments by businesses from a range of sectors including hospitality, retail, manufacturing and transport.

Low Carbon Grants Lead, Jo Reily said that many businesses have voiced their interest in applying for a grant.

In Cumbria: Jo Reilly speaks at the socially distanced launch of Low Carbon Barrow grants at Art Gene’s Allotment Soup.Jo Reilly speaks at the socially distanced launch of Low Carbon Barrow grants at Art Gene’s Allotment Soup.

Jo said she believes that we all have a role to play in tackling the climate emergency. She said: "I am really proud to be able to play a small role in distributing some money to small businesses in Barrow in particular."

In a recent report, the all-party parliamentary group on left-behind neighbourhoods has identified Barrow as a left-behind neighbourhood.

As part of the Government levelling up agenda, they are suggesting that communities like Barrow have the most need in terms of the climate emergency. The report also suggests there is a heightened danger of areas like Barrow being left behind in the transition to net-zero.

Jo said: "For me personally being able to distribute some money into the area that can make a difference in lowering our climate impact and importantly can demonstrate that in towns like ours where there are high levels of deprivation, we can still play a part in that transition to net-zero and we deserve that level playing field."

Once assessed by a panel, successful organisations will need to meet a third of the costs of the project, and provide evidence to the funders. Our Low Carbon Grants Lead will guide you through the application process, helping with questions about eligibility and how projects should be planned and delivered.

If you're interested in taking part in the scheme you can contact o Reilly, Low Carbon Grants Lead: