A BURGER business has revealed exciting plans for the new year as The Westmorland Gazette was invited inside the delivery business’ headquarters.

Boom Burger, which launched in Kendal in November, is planning to expand operations in its unit on Mintsfeet Industrial Estate with a second kitchen.

And head chef Sarah Churchill, who joined the company’s Bowness site before heading the Kendal branch, has plenty of plans to continue broadening the business’ menu as more people continue to join the team.

“I was a sous chef before so this is my first head chef job, I was really keen about getting involved with the Kendal operation,” she said.

“We’ve got a brand-new kitchen and it’s been purpose built.

“We make all our own burgers on site and we’ve got some great equipment which means we can get things out really quickly and we can keep up with demand.

“It’s been fantastic since we started.

“We want to set up a secondary kitchen on the other side of the unit and we want to move into other cuisines.”

Ms Churchill revealed that the business’ most popular item was its Sonic Boom Burger.

“And loaded fries have been really popular,” she added.

“We’ve gone from two to six chefs since opening,” said business owner Joe Nichols.

“It’s growing quite quickly in terms of what it needs to service because the demand has been so big in Kendal.”

There are also plans to add more electric bikes to the company’s delivery fleet.

“They’re great to get around,” said marketing manager Elena Nagle.

“And it means we just use the cars for longer journeys.”

“The plan is that at least half the fleet will be electric,” said Mr Nichols.

“They’re doing really well in the bad weather as well.”

It has been a whirlwind few months for the company, which only launched its first site in Bowness in August 2020 and Mr Nichols is still on the hunt for new people to join his team.

“We’re head-hunting and acquiring chefs from rosetted and high quality pubs and restaurants.

“Because we can honestly provide a work/life balance we’re attracting a higher level of chef than you would expect to work in what is considered a fast-food environment.

“So when we develop our other cuisines we already have the skills in house which is exciting.”