A NEWLY re-opened pub has started as it means to go on by organising a huge donation to a food bank.

The Hare and Hounds at Bowland Bridge recently opened its doors after being taken over in August.

Simon Rayner-Langmead, one of the new owners, said: "My business partner and I have been talking about it for about ten years now.

"We thought, if we don't take over a pub now, we'll be thinking for another ten too."

"We were nervous about all the horror stories, not being able to find people.

"But actually what's been incredible is that we’ve got a brilliant team of people working here that approached us.

"Our chef used to work here seven or eight years ago - he’s come back."

And they wanted to start off by giving something back to the region which has readily embraced them.

They decided to encourage locals to bring gifts to the pub which would be dropped off at Windermere food bank and distributed to local children.

A call-out on Facebook has led to locals and tourists alike arriving with gifts.

Mr Rayner-Langmead said: "We are in such a fortunate position and locals want to give something back.

"There are so many kids, especially in the middle of the pandemic, that aren’t going to get the gifts that we would get.

"Honestly, it has been absolutely incredible - the generosity of people has been amazing.

"It’s an incredible organisation. We live in a part of the world that everyone assumes is comfortably off, but there are people who have to choose between heating their house and eating."

Mr Rayner-Langmead will make his final trip to the food bank on Thursday, December 23.

He said: "Wrap a gift and say what age group it’s aimed at and we'll drop it off.

"The food bank still needs support so even if it’s Thursday is too early, you can still support them at Christmas time and New Year."