THERE are no plans to reschedule Barrow's Christmas markets after they were cancelled due to bad weather.

To mark 'Shop Barrow day' on Saturday the Christmas markets were due to take place but because of the 'adverse weather conditions' were cancelled at the last minute.

In a statement Barrow Market Hall said the weather was too dangerous and that 'public safety is paramount'.

This brought a lot of reaction from residents on social media, with people asking whether or not the markets will be rescheduled.

On whether or not the market will be brought back before the end of the festive season, Barrow Business Improvement District manager Colin Garnett said: "Unfortunately not, it has been really difficult trying to bring Christmas markets back to Barrow.

"We don't have the infrastructure in Barrow town centre to put on Christmas markets really easily. We want to have Christmas markets all the way down Dalton Road, we want them on the high street.

"Barrow's high street doesn't have market charter so we are limited to where we can hold these events."

Looking ahead to the BID's plans in 2022 and whether or not Christmas markets will be an annual feature in Barrow, he said: "We're trying to purchase the infrastructure for us to have it available in the town.

"This year we invested in some heaters and we looked at what we can bring in locally to run these events.

"The idea for this year's markets was for it to be an intimate affair over one day and we wanted to show that Christmas markets can bring people into the town and they can spill into local businesses on the high street."

Mr Garnett said the plan for 2022 was to go 'bigger'. He said: "We don't want Christmas to be the only time we do this.

"If we can do this right what we want is specialist markets throughout the year and that is my aim for 2022."