The NHS in Cumbria is offering people the opportunity to build their career and make a difference to the local community.

The Home care Practitioner Service at North Cumbria Integrated Care Trust (NCIC) is expanding and members of the team are encouraging people to consider a career change.

Ledeen Percival has been a home care practitioner since August and works at Brampton hospital, she said: "I would urge anyone thinking of becoming a home care practitioner (HCP) to go for it. You will not look back and it’s a great team."

This type of care is for people who don't need to be in hospital and aims to maximise their confidence and quality of life.

It supports people with longer term care needs and those receiving end of life care, to take part you need to undertake the Care Certificate.

Stephen Atkinson, HCP Development Lead at NCIC, said: "The expansion of the Home Care Practitioner Service is the most exciting project I have been involved with since I started working NHS.

"It’s a great opportunity to enhance patient flow through our system, offer a career within the NHS and most importantly ensuring the patients in our care don’t have to wait in hospital unnecessarily when they should be at home."