An Ulverston pub has once again been named one of the best in the UK for cask beer.

Old Friends won a spot in the Good Beer Guide 2022 – one of several times the Soutergate hostelry has made it into the book.

Graham Wilson, who owns Old Friends with his wife Andrea, reflected on the pub's success.

"Every weekday we have got six real ales and there's not many since lockdown that have got that many on," said Mr Wilson, 48.

Old Friends has its own brewery, while it focuses on brewers in Cumbria and Lancashire when stocking tipples from elsewhere.

"You're helping the smaller brewers, and there's not as much transportation," said Mr Wilson.

He described the prestige that came with being named in the Good Beer Guide, which is put together by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), saying it had brought new customers to Old Friends, which was named pub of the year by Furness CAMRA in 2020.

"The other year, there was one fellow, he was having a day trip out, he'd looked in the Good Beer Guide, he'd picked an area, he'd come up from Nottingham to have a day trip round Ulverston," said Mr Wilson.