More than 100,000 young people have found jobs thanks to a government funded scheme.

Kickstart has been helping young people find work in Cumbria and so far has been successful but organisers are appealing to young people to apply to the scheme to find help and employment.

Launched as part of the Government’s Plan for Jobs, Kickstart has helped young people in all corners of the country to develop new skills, build confidence, and get a crucial first foot on the career ladder, with jobs at a huge range of UK employers including Yorkshire Water, Pinewood Studios, JD Sports, EFL football clubs, and SeaGrown, the UK’s first offshore seaweed farm. An average of over 3,400 young people started Kickstart jobs each week during the last month, with the scheme recently extended to give even more young people the platform for future career success.

There were estimated to be 220,328 payrolled employees resident in Cumbria in Oct 2021, an increase of 1,027 from Sep This means there are 6,253 more payrolled employees resident in Cumbria than this time last year and 1,665 more than two years ago . Across all time periods this growth has been slightly slower in Cumbria than nationally.

Employee growth has been relatively even between West and East Cumbria over the past year but growth has been stronger in East Cumbria over two years.

Minister for Employment Mims Davies MP said: “With over 100,000 young people landing roles through the Kickstart scheme, more people on payrolls this quarter in all corners of the country, and unemployment continuing to fall, it is clear our Plan for Jobs is working.

“From Ashford to Aberdeen, our brilliant DWP Work Coaches are matching jobseekers to local vacancies in growing sectors and supporting people – at any age and any career stage – to seize that next opportunity, get into work and progress.”

Minister for Welfare Delivery David Rutley said: “Universal Credit continues to offer a safety net for those who need it and nearly two million working claimants will be better off by £1000 a year on average, thanks to upcoming changes to make our taper rate and work allowances more generous. Those out of work will continue to be supported on their employment journey by our Plan for Jobs, whilst our £500m Household Support Fund is also supporting the most vulnerable with essential costs this winter.”