A NEWLY opened Kendal butchers has found great success in the community and has been praised for its locally sourced approach to business.

Roast Mutton, owned and operated by Robert Unwin, opened twelve weeks ago, and has used local meats to serve the community as the world opens up once more following lockdown.

As well as locally sourced ingredients, Robert has also put on a free series of very successful master classes in full carcass butchery to show the public exactly what is being done with their food.

Robert said: “The shop was set up very recently. Just over twelve weeks ago so we are very new.

“But the idea is essentially to focus on local meats.

“We buy from local suppliers, and there is one very good one in Levens particularly.

“It’s the whole aim of the business for me and it’s been going really well.

“Everything stems from the local area which means it maintains its quality.

“We visit the farms and we build a good relationship with the farmers so we all know each other and its builds a great trust.

“We pick the animals and best sources from our area.

“The quality in our area is fantastic.

“It’s like meat heaven here and has so many great traditional farms to go to.

“It’s madness to buy from anywhere else I believe.

“People have been super interested in the shop and that we make everything from the full animal.

“I buy full carcass meat which people have really got on board with.

“It’s more traditional and more unusual.

“I live in Ambleside but I plan to move to Kendal soon because it’s such a good place to do business.

“We started the master classes and it all ties in with full carcass butchery. It’s off big interest to people.

“We show them the sizes and types of meat we do and we have a wooden block in the shop for people to see.

“We’ll keep them going and might bring in some wine tasting in the future.”