HOLKER Hall put on its third big event of the year as the Winter Market took place this weekend.

Following the successful return of the Spring Fair and the Chilli Festival, the Hall put on their very popular Winter Market and saw thousands of people brave the weather to take part in the first event of the winter season.

Visitors were welcomed by many well-known business stalls, live music, good food and even some new traders.

General Manager Heather Creasey said: "This is the biggest market we've done with 120 stalls.

"Last year we couldn't put it on due to Covid but the market has always managed to remain very popular.

"It's amazing and we saw roughly between 8000 to 10,000 come down over the three days.

“Our live acts include John Dawes and Evie Plum, and Native Colts.

“There are a lot of businesses joining us this year from the Bread-and-Butter Company to the Hurlington Stone company who brought their own wooden Christmas tree with them.

“We also have people from Funcaster with us who are hiding around the market with face paints.

“Even though the rain came out of nowhere on Saturday a lot of people just braved it and came down.

"It's been a really fantastic market this year and we look forward to Christmas."

Luke from the Northumberland Honey Company had such a successful first day that the stall needed to restock its honey.

He said: "We've had a successful go of it so far and we did need to restock on Friday evening.

"Our bottles and drink products are proving really successful.

“Each bottle of Wildflower took roughly 3000 bees to make and they’re going down very well.”

Kub Dogwear made their first appearance at the market and gathered great success.

Ran by Brittany and Martin who said: "We're having a great time and this is our first time here.

“It’s going very well and there is a lot of interest from a lot of pet owners who are here today.

“We also have our own Christmas themed dog wear which people have noticed.

“We set ourselves up during lockdown and we’re making it work. We look forward to the future.”