A NEW cocktail bar is thanking customers for a successful first night.

The Olive Tree, in Dalton, opened its doors for the first time on Thursday and were rushed off their feet all night.

Kieran Mcdaid & Louise Stewart said: "Fantastic first night, I think you drank us dry - but seriously thank you so much to all the people that came to support us.

"I honestly couldn’t say how many people we served - as it was so busy!

"It was amazing, thank you everyone.

"Love you all."

Mr Mcdaid and Miss Stewart opened the bar after noticing a gap in the market for something of the sort in Dalton.

They realised that people had to travel to Ulverston or Barrow to experience night-time drinks.

She said: "We were in Dalton one Saturday looking for someone for food and cocktails and couldn't find anywhere.

"We had to travel to Ulverston which is how this all came about.

The new cocktail bar is on the former site of Bar20 in Tudor Square, and the couple have leased The Clarence since November - though they could only open for the first time in May.

Before the opening, Miss Stewart said that the public had been positive and supportive of the venture, which was confirmed at the opening.

The Olive Tree only offers drinks at the moment as the kitchen isn't ready, but plans are to expand to offer food at a later date.

In the future, they hope to offer tapas and pizza to their customers.

Miss Stewart told The Mail: "We'd like to put Dalton back on the map. It used to be a brilliant place for a night out but a lot of places have closed down so people have opted to go to Barrow or Ulverston instead."

"Dalton doesn't have anything like this."