A STUDY has revealed that Barrow has the sixth most complaints regarding building scams.

According to the Clothes2Order, Barrow is right behind Stockport in the number of complaints regarding building scam complaints.

The town received 92 complaints which is equal to 137.9 complaints out of every 1000 people.

Wyre stands at the top with 206, and 182.2 complaints per 100,000.

The survey states: "The majority of builders and tradespeople are good, honest professionals and the sector is driving incredible growth within the UK, but just like with any other service, you have to be on your guard against scams and dishonest practices.

"While it is only a small minority of bad apples, it’s still important to be wary when having work carried out and look out for reassuring signs that you’re working with a legitimate business, like branded workwear such as that provided by Clothes2order.

"At Clothes2order we love helping our customers in the trade look professional, giving you one signal of confidence that you’re employing the right person for the job.

"With the construction industry seeing massive growth recently we wanted to help advise you how to find the best tradespeople and look at the data to see where in the country you might want to be extra vigilant."